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The Business Clinic is a professional advisory services company that helps entrepreneurs, organisations, and governments improve their performance primarily through the analysis of existing problems and the development of plans for improvement. The Business Clinic offers strategic mentoring, coaching as well as matchmaking, and innovation brokering services to entrepreneurs working in developing markets.

We are dedicated to enabling the success of entrepreneurs by offering a wide array of resources, guidance, and support for navigating the intricacies of launching and expanding businesses. Our mission encompasses both experienced entrepreneurs seeking growth and future innovators with novel concepts. The Business Clinic is determined to infuse businesses with innovative ideas. We acknowledge the obstacles entrepreneurs encounter and focus on ensuring business sustainability, aiming to equip and future-proof ventures in a landscape where many startups struggle to endure.

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We provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with vital knowledge and skills through expert-led sessions, covering topics like business planning, marketing, finance, and customer service. It empowers participants to make informed decisions, overcome entrepreneurial challenges, and fosters growth through networking and knowledge exchange in a supportive environment, ensuring business sustainability in a dynamic marketplace.


Our company specializes in delivering comprehensive compliance solutions as a service, tailored to meet the unique regulatory needs of businesses. With a team of experts well-versed in industry standards, we provide meticulous guidance and implementation to ensure your business operates with the highest level of legal and ethical compliance. Such as company registration, tax-clearance and tax-returns etc. 


We extend one-on-one consultation services and comprehensive business assessments designed to facilitate entrepreneurs in achieving greater clarity and strategic direction within their entrepreneurial pursuits. Our team of seasoned advisors takes a personalised approach, diligently delving into your specific challenges and objectives, thereby delivering tailored counsel and practical methodologies to surmount hurdles and attain triumphant.


Mentorship and networking in a business clinic are crucial elements that link entrepreneurs with experienced mentors and peers, providing valuable insights, guidance, skill enhancement, and an expanded professional network. This support system cultivates an environment for entrepreneurs to flourish, share ideas, and effectively navigate the complexities of the business world, ultimately driving the long-term success of their ventures.


We offer a wide range of services to help your organisation thrive. Our team specialises in Business Model Development, SWOT Analysis, and Market Research and Analysis, enabling us to refine your business model, formulate strategies based on insights, and identify target markets. We also assist in Strategic Goal Setting, facilitate Strategic Planning Workshops, and conduct Competitive Analysis to evaluate competitors and identify advantages.


Our company excels in providing tailored intellectual property services to businesses, safeguarding their innovative assets and fostering a culture of creativity. With a strategic approach to IP management, we offer comprehensive solutions, from patent protection to trademark registration, ensuring the secure foundation and long-term value of your intellectual property portfolio. Trust our expertise to navigate the complexities of IP, empowering your business for sustained success.


Acquiring substantial funding is a pivotal step in realising your entrepreneurial vision. The Business Clinic serves as a strategic partner, providing essential support through access to a wide array of resources and expert guidance in identifying various funding options. Our expertise lies in crafting detailed business proposals and facilitating connections between entrepreneurs and potential investors and funding sources. 

Business Process

Our company specializes in delivering transformative Business Process Improvement services, optimizing operational efficiency and enhancing overall productivity for businesses. Through meticulous analysis and strategic enhancements, we streamline workflows, reduce costs, and elevate organizational performance, ensuring sustained growth in today’s competitive landscape. 


Our company provides premier IT consulting services, offering strategic insights and expert guidance to businesses seeking technological excellence. With a focus on aligning IT solutions with organizational objectives, we navigate the complex landscape of technology, ensuring optimal efficiency, security, and innovation. Elevate your business’s digital capabilities with our tailored IT consulting services, designed for sustained success in today’s dynamic market.

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